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The Blurb from the team behind Spaceport Cornwall! From mobile phones, to GPS, to weather monitoring, space technologies now run through almost everything we do and aide in daily life. In the past, these technologies were from military and state-led programmes, expensive to develop and expensive to launch into space. We are now on the edge of a New Frontier, the commercialisation of space, opening up access to space for all. And Cornwall is at the forefront.
Cornwall is now home to a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the only place in the UK that will be horizontally launching satellites into space. Cornwall Airport Newquay will provide a low-cost, safe and capable launch environment to space system operators, being the first place in the world that will integrate normal airline traffic with space launches. Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit have partnered with Spaceport Cornwall to operate their CosmicGirl system, which uses a Boeing 747 to launch a rocket into Lower Earth Orbit. This rocket, LauncherOne, will house satellites that will be developed companies with innovative technologies that will benefit everyone, and the environment. By lowering the cost of launching satellites, smaller, disruptive, space companies will be able to afford to launch their products and we all could reap the benefits.
- | 23/01/2019

A new dawn for the UK Space Sector/Industry? The 'two-man' 'Space Race' of 20th century between the big rivals the United States and the Soviet Union is well and truly over. Is a new dawn now emerging not only around the globe but excitingly in the UK as well? For many years it seems the UK has been a prominent and key player within the global Space family. Recently though, changes seem to be just around the corner, well, we may have already turned that corner, now looking forwards to a thriving and innovative UK Space sector, with both businesses and the public paying a lot of attention to the two primary Spaceport projects; Spaceport Cornwall and the Sutherland Spaceport in Scotland. Terrestrial aviation gives us a tantilizing look at how the Spaceport industry may evolve in the future. As the general cost of Space travel begins to fall, an ever greater number of privately owned enterprises are now beginning to eye up the challenges and possibilities space travel provides. Surely it's now just a matter of a few short years before you'll be looking into the skies and seeing rocket contrails next to aeroplane contrails. Here's to the future of UK Space! Bring it on.
- | 30/11/2018

The Interplanetary Podcast #103 - Spaceport Cornwall - Miles Carden to skip to 28min 50sec for Spaceport Cornwall - | October 2018

- | October 2018